Looking for SEO expert or guidance on specific issue

I made a product that solves an major issue, when you google the problem there is only blog posts that show homemade non sufficient solutions, no products / buyable solutions.

FB ads works very well for this with around 15% CTR (much higher than anything else i run ads to) however this product sells for $5 (and most people buy 3) so i haven't been able to scale too much because the conversion cost have to be $5 average which is only possible at a lower scale..

I lack knowledge on SEO, what would be the best strategy to try and get on google when you search for the problem?

Note the product solves an mask issue so i can't wait around 6 months for SEO to kick in, and it's very simple – and copyable. I have no idea why noone is selling these.

If you have suggestions or know an expert let me know, i'll happily pay for some help.

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