UK logistical issues – Royal Mail?

Hi all, this is my first year in e-commerce and we sell clothing items which if the perfect size for a small parcel.

We have chosen Royal Mail as our courier but had nothing but problems around this xmas period. I send every order 1st class (to be safe) and it is taking customer 10-14 days for them to receive this in their post, in the middle of this period they are demanding a full refund or the whole parcel to be sent out again immediately.

We have a banner on the site to explain delays and always explain to the customer in the first email that RM are experiencing delays but this is to no avail. The replies usually consist of ‘i paid for it I, want it now, send me a full refund’

Our little business cannot afford Freebies at the moment, is this something you guys are experiencing? Should we learn from this and move away from Royal Mail for the future? And if this is national how do you translate this to customers who demand money back

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