UK – Reporting dishonest retailer websites.

Wasn't sure where to post this, I live in the UK and just want to let anyone else know who lives here know that if they see a listing for any item by a retailer on their website and the listing is not honest or tries to trick a consumer they can complain to ASA here:

So recently I was looking for stock of various GPU's CPU's and one of the websites I came across was:

Smart Teck

These guys lie in most of their listings such as this one:

Listing an RRP way over the actual RRP to make it look like your getting a good deal.

I complained about this a couple days after the AMD CPU release and I got a reply today from ASA to confirm that they are breaking the law by doing this and that ASA has been in touch with them to tell them to stop doing this and if they don't they can take further action.

This wont work on some websites like ebay but I think its important for people to know that if they see things like this online in the UK they have a legal route to make a complaint and the if its indeed genuine retailers will face some action as a result.

I know this probably comes across as very "moany" but I just think its fair for everyone if retailers are not using tactics like this and do not get away with it when the majority of online retailers are usually pretty honest and don't resort to doing this.

You can actually make a range of complaints to ASA in the UK I have made several in the past for websites making claims that they do not backup or are simply things like "Best in the UK" etc, this is not a legal claim anyone is allowed to make on their website.

Mods: I don't think my links break rule #1 as these are examples and not for advertising etc but its up to you.

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