USPS announced 2021 Shipping Rates

Looks like we’ll be facing higher costs in 2021. Still cheaper than the current holiday rates in place until the 27th. Here's a quick summary of the changes:

• First Class Package is increasing 11 to 31 cents, depending on the weight of your package.

• Priority Mail Cubic is increasing 7% on average, with the largest increase for Tier 1. It's still the cheapest way to ship packages that weigh more than 1 pound… especially if you make your box as small as possible, or use poly mailers to take advantage of the more generous Priority Mail Cubic Softpack rate formula.

• Priority Mail Flat Rate is increasing 25 cents for Flat Rate Envelopes and the Small Flat Rate Box. Medium and Large Flat Rate Boxes continue to be worse deals than using your own packaging.

• Simple Export Rate is getting price decreases across the board, making it the cheapest way possible to ship small packages internationally.

Source: Pirateship just notified me via email.

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