Advice needed – Looking for an Ecommerce Solution/Dashboard

Hello All,

I have been running an online store for some time now, and sell on the below sales channels:-
Shopify/Amazon EU/eBay

I run marketing through numerous channels:-
Google/Bing/FB/Amazon PPC

So I was wondering if there is anyone out there who knows of any software/solution which will bring in all data from said sales channels & advertising platforms and allow me to create a dashboard which shows total revenue/revenue from ad spend by day/week/month/custom ranges – against the ad cost also for the corresponding date range.

I'm currently having to go into each platform and sales channel, and it would be great to just be able to have a concise snapshot of this information.

I have tried digging around and found a couple of platforms which look like they can do the job (some do have limitations as to what they integrate with). See below:- – Glew – Klipfolio

The problem is, they all seem a tad bit expensive and seemed to be aimed at bigger businesses than mine.

Was wondering if any of you guys have used anything like this/ or have any other suggestions which may be able to help me.


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