fulfillment in Germany for a small business

Hi guys,

I'm selling bread online in Russia and I would like to try selling it in Europe.

I found out that I can ship multiple orders in one big parcel more or less affordably to Germany. But once it comes to Germany it needs to be distributed among the end customers. I don't know how to do this.

My ideas I considered so far:

  1. Ship to some parcel delivery service in Berlin, Germany, so that they open the big parcel take out a bunch of smaller parcels, and send them to the customers within Germany. But so far I haven't found a company which would agree to do that.

  2. Hire a freelancer to do the same. It has some risks which bother me: what if they damage/steal parcels?

  3. Set up a process with a proper fulfillment center. So far, those I reached out to only work with super big corporations.

Can you recommend to me an affordable fulfillment service in Europe willing to work with small businesses or any solution for this?

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