How to get my Shopify Store Off the Ground – Small Tips around making my site look reputable enough to start driving traffic

Hey everyone, I have a niche shopify store specializing in apparel that I am in the infant stages of building. The idea is there, and there is a market for my apparel, I just need to understand how to get my store to a stage where people can visit the storefront and not immediately realize that the shop was just built and probably has no orders lol.

Right now all I have are some shirts mocked up, but the designs can sell if the marketing and storefront were up to par. I have no modeled pictures of people wearing the apparel, I have no media at all.

I have used the some free softwares like Promo to make some Advert videos, but not much else.

I am basically here to see what everyone's first steps were to make their site look reputable, and enough confidence to then start driving traffic. I am confident once I have a professional-looking storefront, I will be able to attract buyers (undiscovered niche, loyal customers, some novelty to the product)

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