Dealing with multiple manufacturers? (+ game plan)

I'm diving into the e-commerce space and have my niche (undersaturated). It piggybacks off of a brick and mortar store that I own (service, not retail). I validated the products with my store's client base and out of our 4,200 clients, we had about 15% bite. Granted, this was an email campaign I sent and out of the 4,200, my open rate was 34%. I thought these numbers were plenty to establish validation.

  1. I have four products (same niche but will require different manufacturers). Is it normal or a good practice rather to have multiple manufacturers involved?
  2. For example, two products are cosmetic oriented and can be done by a singular manufacturer. The other two are separate products in nature but still fit the same niche, but with different materials. I'm going to try and find a singular manufacturer but at what point does too many manufacturers with their hands in the pot cause an issue?
  3. I'm going to also have a Shopify store (would you recommend a different platform, I understand my options are grossly limited) and have all four products as a kit (box) and then sell the four items separately (Shopify + FBA). Should I sell all the items separately on Amazon, sell as a kit, or both? I'm leaning towards both. Are there any downfalls here? I can't imagine.
  4. If I have an inventory of 500 ea and my restock time is 7-10 days (just a random timeframe) and I cannot restock timely to fill orders, what's the best approach to ensure the supply chain is not disrupted? Obviously, I can re-up at when I'm down to 100 ea but hypothetically, let's say I go viral on Tik Tok/Twitter/IG etc and my Shopify store AND Amazon sells out, what do I do to ensure my listing does not get hammered?

Thanks in advance for the help. If I could tip for your priceless knowledge, I would.

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