Finally, after almost a year of development, it’s finally ready. use the power of AI to make better decisions and grow your profit margins


my name is Asaph and I'm the principle data scientist at, an AI start-up focused on providing Shopify retailers the path for better data driven decisions.

for the past year my team and I have been working on an AI based profit optimization platform designed specifically for Shopify retailers.

I would like to invite Shopify shop owners to join our free beta testing phase, so we can optimize our user-interface for your needs.

also, I would like to thank our alpha testers who made this platform ready for launch.

why? (TL;DR)

one of the growing problem of retailers is making use of past data to make better management decisions regarding:

under and over stocking, item pricing, lead to conversion uncertainty, credit default, returns mismanagement and COVID-19 uncertainty.

those factors all contribute to the profit margins at the end of the transaction and even if a transaction would be successful at all.

our solution:

Implement prediction models, based on your data, for precise planning and real-time optimization.

our models can accurately predict sales and lead scoring and how they are effected by dynamic pricing of products in your shop.

accurate prediction of future sales can lead to better inventory management;

having exactly the amount of items needed in inventory will dramatically lower the cost of over stocking while making sure you don't miss on a sale because of poor inventory management.


Shopify shop owners with at least 2 years of data can join our BETA.

our platform is fully integrational with Shopify and very easy to setup, and you will have full support from our customer department.

PM me for more details or go to register and tap into the power of curve predictions.

how does it work?

our platform integrates your internal history data with external publicly available data and feed it to our predictive models. we then provide you with our insights through a custom built dashboard.

have a look at this info graphic.

join our beta testing phase FREE with no costs or obligations, you will have full and immediate access to our insights, while helping us make our user-interface better suited to your needs.


we currently support desktop and tablets for the registration process, also keep in mind that most interactive graphs are better rendered on PC. Thank!

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