Panicking! Worried No One Will Buy

Hi! I posted recently about struggling to find supplement manufacturers. I was finally able to find a good one that meets my criteria and has more reasonable MOQs.

But now that it's becoming more real I'm freaking out!

My biggest concern is that people won't buy a supplement without a ton of reviews/editorials/trust sources apart from my site. And some of my competitors have gone as far as having their own clinical trials funded- which I can't imagine ever being able to afford.

So, I stayed up all night researching and I'm wondering if this seems like a decent plan for establishing credibility:

  1. Starting an Etsy store. It's more affordable than Amazon (and I really hate them) to start out with and I see a lot of other supplements being sold there. My audience is a little more on the "hippie" side so it seems like it could be a decent fit. This way I can get reviews that will come up when people Google us.
  2. Attempting to get listed in editorials. Round-ups of good supplements for this purpose, etc. I'm actually completely unsure of how to do this- any tips?
  3. Micro-influencers. Ideally a few people that I can feature on the site.

What are your thoughts? Anything I'm missing? I would also love to do wholesale but I'm thinking wholesale buyers would need to see credibility first as well.

Part of me wonders if I should scrap the supplement idea and create the same formula in tea-form. Or maybe this is just the mental breakdown speaking.

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