Had it with WordPress+WooCommerce. Looking for advice from someone who made the switch.

My store has been growing, but I've finally had it with WordPress and WooCommerce. Yes, it integrates with everything and yes, it's super flexible – but the WordPress Admin UI is painfully slow, plugin updates conflict with other plugins at random, tons of scanners try to hack my store "because WordPress", and finally, the straw that broke the camels back – ever since WP 5.6, PHP has random 100% CPU spikes which slow my site down to a crawl.

Since I have to run an actual business instead of managing my e-commerce platform, I'm looking for feedback from someone who runs their day-to-day using either Shopify or Webflow. My main pain points are:

  1. Design – I currently use Elementor on WordPress. I know Webflow has something equivalent – how does Shopify compare?
  2. Integrations – mainly Klaviyo and Shippo. Do these work well?
  3. Admin UI speed – WP is too damn slow. How responsive is the admin UI for Shopify or Webflow?
  4. Plugins/Added features – does Shopify have the same issues with additional plugin conflicts?

Usually, for WordPress, the generic answer when dealing with developers is "make a staging site and disable all plugins until you find the problem, and we'll take it from there". Which everyone knows is a huge time suck and doesn't happen when you have an actual business to run.

Would appreciate any feedback or advice!

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