Amazon coming to my country. What to expect?

Amazon is coming to Norway. I run a store selling mainly 12 volt equipment like batteries, cables, solar etc… My prices are somewhere in the middle of the road. To still be able to sell without being the cheapest we focus customer support and expertise.

I guess we have to choose whether to continue as we always have or try to sell through amazon. Or maybe even both?

If we continue as we do now we will have to put even more emphasis on support and may have to become an "expert" in our niche to survive, as i assume Amazon will push down prices and create a larger price gulf.

Have anyone had experience with selling both in their own webshop as well as through Amazon? Many sources tell me it's no use being on Amazon if you're not the cheapest. Is this correct?

I'll also add that Norway is not part of EU and customers mainly buy from Norwegian stores as shipments from rest of Europe/US get customs fees and VAT added.

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