Any automated way to detect influencers within existing customer dataset?


Working with a high-end brand in the fashion industry. 20k+ sales per month through their online store. Customer database has 1M+ unique entries.

In an ideal situation, would love to have some kind of programmatic way of identifying existing customers that we could potentially leverage.

We have identified a few A-list celebrities already, but purely from happenstance. Usually someone packing orders just happens to notice a famous name on the shipping label.


  1. Customer database is massive. Would be someone's full-time job to parse through it looking for celebrity names. It's not reasonable to do this manually.

  2. No one going through this data would have knowledge of every celebrity, every athlete, every social media influencer, and so on. Even if I personally devoted myself to doing this manually, I would most likely miss 95% of potential opportunities due to unsolvable ignorance.

  3. It is incredibly rare for A-list celebrities to use their actual name, actual address, and actual contact information. The fact that we have noticed this multiple times is astonishing. Typically these types of orders are placed via a personal stylist, or through an assistant. I don't know how to reconcile that.

  4. Can't upload our customer database to any 3rd party site. Best that I am able to do, is make API calls to reputable endpoint providers.

Potential Solutions:

  1. Run every customer address through the Google My Business GoogleLocations API to see if any are a match for business addresses. This isn't a definitive way of identifying B2B customers, but it would be a reasonable way to flag an account for manual review to see if it is a stylist, agency, or similar.

  2. Filter customer addresses down to specific locations (NYC, LA, etc.), then run the results through a real estate API (e.g., Zillow) to return the home value. Any results over a certain amount will get flagged for manual review. This will catch most whales, even if they're using different name, address, or other contact information…. but there is no way to differentiate between a celebrity, or a child of a successful businessperson. The whole point is to get more eyes on our brand — not to donate product to rich people for no reason.

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