Burning through money with ads, struggling to find a creative. Any advice? (Athleisure brand).

So I’ve been at my brand for about 18 months. I have only about 1500 followers but they are mainly local to area. They have treated me well for starting up but I’ve been trying to expand as I can only sell to the same person so many times. Every time I start an ad, it just never seems to perform, and I never get any sales. My page content is phenomenal as i do all my own photography for my brand so i wanted to leverage that on finding out what are some ad creatives that work well for telling a “story” about a brand for cold traffic, and what can I do to find the best audience seeing as my local audience wouldn’t really work for my look-alike. It seems like the little I make from the brand gets dumped into ads that don’t perform and I end up frustrated and don’t touch ads for months and with covid it’s really been crappy lately. Any help would be truly appreciate and I would gladly exchange ad help for some photography work if you ever needed any.

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