Confused about what chatbot to use

For context we are a multi-vendor ecommerce platform mostly dealing in appliances, electronics, tools etc. Our website is beginning to scale up and we are getting tons of repetitive questions. Right now we use Whatsapp Business and although the chat automatically sends an initial message providing a link to FAQ and how to register. People often just skip them and we are supposed to spend precious time and productivity answering them. I want to begin automating customer care starting with Whatsapp/Chat moving on to automated phone answering system later on.

Some of my requirements

I want a chatbot that can work with 2 languages, English and Kiswahili.

It should respond to common customer queries like "How do I place an order", "How long will delivery take" etc.

In the end, if the customer is still not satisfied, it is forwarded to a real person.

Ideally it should be free, or if it is paid, it should be a one-time payment.

It could be a pre-made thing or requires development.——————————————————————–

I have looked at chatbots and frameworks and I am lost. There are so many options, it's overwhelming. I have scoured through articles and videos and it is hard to piece everything together eg Database query vs chit-chat chatbots and other factors such as these. I am not sure of what to look at/what factors when choosing from these options. What should I be looking at to better help me make the right decision.

I am also wondering if I should keep using WhatsApp because it requires the Whatsapp client when accessed from desktop which everyone might not have.Maybe someone here with experience can point me in the right direction.

I found a couple interesting ones




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