Help with Pinterest catalogs

(Posted on the Pinterest sub as well, but thought this may be a better place). I'm having the HARDEST TIME getting catalogs set up (to then do Pinterest shopping). Can anyone shed some light on a good solution?

I guess I mostly need help finding FTP hosting. Weebly (my eCommerce host) claims they don't do FTP hosting. I'm baffled by this. That aside, I checked Pinterest again. They told me a few options of FTP hosts for $30+ per month. Is this really the best option? If I'm going to spend $30 on that, I'll move to Shopify or WooCommerce. I just happened to already be set up with Weebly when I started this journey. I'm hoping to avoid re-building my whole freaking site in order to sell on Pinterest.

Alternatively, if everyone is like don’t bother- I’m all ears as to why. I’ve spent months off and on trying to get this set up. I’m ready to get it done.

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