Need feedback on this idea – how viable is this?

So, I'm thinking of targetting the beach niche – people who love going to the beach.I've done some research but the beach-goer demographics/psychographics are a bit all over the place.I've thought of doing just surf, but that's way too niche and I'm not a surfer (feels inauthentic).

Because I've no idea what to sell now, and also a bit short of funds (I'm preparing my $$$ war chest now), I've decided to launch a content site first, providing articles about beaches. Beach quotes, beach packing list ideas, and things related to summer, salt life and sea.

The goal is to get steady traffic from Google every month. This will be my main traffic source. Then I'll funnel them to my email list and build this list through a lead magnet (free ebook). I'll buy articles from content mills, and budget some $$$ to SEO the site every 3 months.

Secondary sources of traffic will be from IG and Pinterest.

In 1 – 1.5 years time, I hope to get a decent email list of subscribers, which I'll then push the products to. For products, I've been playing with the idea of private label sun tan lotion and beach-related products.

How viable is this? Is this naïve? Does this have huge flaws? If so, what's your advice and take on it?I want to get some constructive feedback before going deeper and deeper.

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