Any ideas how I can realize my idea? (


I am completely stuck and do not know how to realize my idea, so I turn to you for help. (Admin is welcome to remove the thread/move it if it is inappropriate)

I would like to set up an e-commerce where vendors register and upload their logo. In connection with the registration the logo will automatically be placed on a couple of basic products and they will have a subshop with their logo and a unique color. That is, all sellers will sell the same basic products but with their logo. The idea is that I will handle the orders and make payments to each seller for their commission. Honestly, they do not need to see an admin panel as in e.g. Woocommerce, it is enough if they for example see how much they have sold, earned in commission and see how much each product has sold. So the vendor will be more of a partner than a pure vendor as in a classic multi vendor system.

Do you have any good tips and ideas on how I can put together a similar system as described?

I could set up all the subshops and images etc manually but that will take to much time for this to work so it would be optimal to be able to automate this process…

My knowledge extends to using html, simpler php and ready-made plugins e.g. elementor, woocommerce and dokan…

All suggestions are warmly received!

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