Choosing software and shared vs dedicated hosting … ?

First the context of the situation…

I am developing a store for my parents business. They have no clue on how to do this. So I have to make all the decisions and recommendation. I am a software developer, which makes things easier. But I've never developed ECommerce and I am not a PHP developer, but I believe I am enough familiar with PHP to do this. I do this in my free time as I have a job.

I've chosen WooCommerce. Installed everything, customized it (tbh, it was a pain in the ass) and almost completely finished it (it didn't take much). I did the deployment onto their SHARED hosting. I've come to the realization that it's slow. And I don't trust this setup enough to allow it to start running. Much less advertising it. It's worth mentioning that at first, the number of products will be 10-20. With the plan to expand onto 50-100 products (if things go well I guess).

For the slowness, I blame WooCommerce. But its also probably the shared hosting. So I've started thinking about other options. Specifically Magento and/or dedicated hosting. The issue is that there are higher costs involved. And probably more time required because of Magento, server maintenance and setup. That's a bigger investment, but it would maybe save time in the future. And it wouldn't cause a disaster as the current setup. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

BTW, I am not sure whether there's a better subreddit to ask this question? Thanks.

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