Too Good To Be True?

For this product using Alibaba suppliers the average shipping costs based on Freightos (EXW) is $2400. When researching DDP shipping was usually a lot more. ($4500- $12,000)

However, I found a few suppliers who would deliver DDP the same product for $2200-$2500 similar to independent Forwarders.

Is this possible? Are most companies using DDP just charging a lot more for a larger profit?

Also, they did not just come out with the lower price. I would tell them xyz company gave me this deal can you come close or do better.

*** Wanted to Update with current Supplier Quote: Thoughts?

Volume: 90 Units, 10.98 CBM, 3870 KG

Invoice: sent via Alibaba Pay

Export Method: OneTouch Agency Export

Trade Terms: DDP

Total Cost: $9,450.00

Shipping Fee: $1800

Payment: 30/70


*Price per unit is $85 though this is in the ball park with many suppliers I have seen many listed in the 90's as well as the high 70's low 80's..One was at $55.

Thinking they are making up some of the money with the price per unit.

**Invoice Also gives option for these Services:

Production Monitoring
USD 48.00
* Keep up-to-date on production * Reduce risk of order delays * View product details before shipment

As low as USD 118.00
* Check for product conformity * Reduce risk of quality issues * Enjoy Alibaba's lower price

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