How can I calculate an evaluation for my business?

Hey everyone.

I started an e-commerce business about two years ago.

I started building a social media presence first and just recently introduced products to my audience.

I have quite a large social media presence now and I have no desire to sell out, but I’m extremely curious on how much my business is worth.

I spend no money on ads and I average about $100 in sales a day. I profit about 90% of that.

My social media stats are as follows: 95.9k on Instagram. Reaching about 500k per week, 1k new followers per week and has incredible engagement (averaging 7k likes per post).

2.4m engaged audience on Pinterest. I send all traffic to my blog which I have monetized with affiliates and adsense. I’m still learning this, so the revenue is low.

64k on Tik tok. I recycle my content on here.

12k on Facebook. I just started this page and also created a group to push my content further.

3.4K text signups – I get about a 25% click through rate.

My niche is inspiration.

Where can I go to get this evaluated?

What are your suggestions for getting an evaluation?

Once again, I have no desire to sell out, but I believe it’s a good idea to know how much these things are worth as I continue to move forward.

Thank you!

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