Why do online products businesses don’t care about their products get cracked?

Don't misunderstand me…with the title I've tried to catch your attention even if it is appropriate to what I wanna talk about.
Basically, if I look around, I see a lot of cracked versions of softwares, plugins, books etc. online but I don't understand how it can be possible. I mean if I sell digital products my priority would be to avoid third people to crack them and give them for free, but I see a lot of companies that seems almost to ignore them, because I think if they would really control their products to not get cracked, they would assume some dipendents to check everyday on the internet and instantly remove the cracked version from the internet. Now, of course some companies do it, but my real question is: Where do the companies who don't, get their money? I mean do they do it as a marketing strategy and there's some other form of income? Let me know, I'm really curious about it.

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