How can I get my stuff to sell?

I haven't been able to get my site fixed on time so I decided to first try out Instagram and Poshmark. So far on Instagram, I am having trouble trying to get the people I am targeting to follow me. I have been able to get people I would potentially like to work with in the future which is the only thing that is good.

My target group are people from the US (including Puerto Rico and territories), Canada, and Mexico that are around their late 20's and up predominately women (so far I have some things for men and families as well but not a lot).

Then on Poshmark, people are liking some of my stuff but I am not getting a lot of people. So far I have gotten very few offers on my items outside my brand. Then one of my products was chosen for a host pick for one of the parties (hasn't done anything yet).

I sell the following:

Items from my brand contain:

  • Peshmetal Towels – Bamboo, Cotton, or a blend of Bamboo and Cotton or Linen and Cotton.
  • I have robes including matching robes with some of the peshmetal towels.
  • Silk Shawls – All except one are made with vegan silk
  • Bamboo Scarf

Outside my brand, there is this small company in Turkey that my dad is trying to help get their products known. So since my concentration is mostly in the US, Canada, and Mexico, my dad has been asking me to help them out.

  • Facial Cream – Snail, Rose Water, Aloe Vera, Eye, or Anti-Aging
  • Shampoos – Lavendar & Keratin, Juniper Berry & Tar, or Argan Oil Rose
  • Rose Liquid Soap and Rose Honey Facial Wash
  • Rose Water

All my products at this moment are imported from Turkey and the stuff from my brand are all handmade. I tried to offer the people who liked my stuff on Poshmark lower prices in addition they pay for the shipping but that hasn't worked. I would really like to get my stuff noticed and to people want to buy my products. I don't know what else to do. I would appreciate any help.

Here's the link to my Instagram page and Poshmark pages (I have Pinterest, but I haven't been able to sell anything since I don't have my site) :

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