Question about hygiene policies.

This post got deleted in my alt account. I'm guessing because of low karma so I had to switch over to this account, didn't want to because this account is more personal… but anyways.

I've been studying ecommerce for a month now and I'd like to reach out to people who own an online business.I'm not necessarily planning to open one myself as I'm not financially ready to leave my current job. But I have a very vague idea about wanting to sell apparel. I'm estimating that I'll probably make it come true from a year or 2 from now. In the meantime, I'd like to know what your thoughts are on my upcoming question.

Basically, I'm not confident that covid will go away any time soon. This has pushed me to have questions about a store's hygiene policies. At this current point in time, I'd like to safely assume not a lot of apparel stores are accepting returns. Only refunds. It's necessary for most stores to have this option to appease customers who aren't happy with their order. A thought that's been bugging me is how this type of system can be easily abused by anyone.

Example: what if a customer buys the most expensive jacket from your store and once they receive it, they lie about it being stolen and they either want a refund or to receive the same item again without having to pay for anything?

I once listened to a podcast about a woman selling items in Ebay; she wraps the items with good care but she'd sometimes come across customers who'd intentionally damage the product (she said it's often light scratches that doesn't effect the item). They ask for an immediate refund but want to keep the item.

Obviously this would negatively effect any type of business who has to unfortunately come across these types of customers. What would you do as a business owner? And has anyone experienced this type of thing? Does it happen often?

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