Trade Assurance Refund Process in Alibaba – How to get money back?


I have a question about the refund process on Alibaba, what to do when I am not satisfied with received products.

So, a month ago I ordered 50 pcs of stock leggings with custom logo, worth around 800 dollars from a Alibaba supplier via Trade Assurance. Before bulk, I ordered a sample to test and see the product. These leggings seemed fine, I tested them quite long time and eventually I ordered from this seller 50 pcs the same leggings with same material and design but in 3 different colors. I was excited, but when I received the leggings, then 70% of them were in absolutely in wrong sizing (much-much smaller and shorter in hem and waist) + some of them also in different material mix looking at the care label, and 30% of them were in different material, but sizing was the same as in the sample. So, for me ,the order is a mess! The seller had excuses about these problems, that the different material and shorter designs are an update version of those leggings… Whatever, but these updates were not communicated to me and I did not order THESE exact updates.

I had agreed with the seller via Alibaba chat before bulk order about the exact material (I have screenshots from Alibaba chat with seller), but I did not think that I should have specified the exact measures (which is a mistake for sure) of the stock leggings, because I thought they were all the same design from their stock (with same sizing and materials).

Now I am very disappointed about this order and I do not want to sell these leggings in my first time store, but want a refund from a seller. So my question is, has anybody had similar problem and how did your refund process went? Is there any way to ask for 100% refund and should I send the products back to seller? I know partial refund is also possible, but what % of the price are they willing to cover? I have read some Reddit posts about TA, but most of them had unsuccessful refund processes..

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