anyone else have this experience with FREE SHIPPING ?

ok everyone hear me out. i have a wellness product. i just ran a test for 24 hours with “FREE SHIPPING” but i raised my $29.99 product to $37. over 100 visitors in traffic. no sales at all!!! i’ve never gotten over 100 visitors without any sales. i know i should test longer but this felt super strange to me. so this morning i just changed back to 29.99 and left the 7.99 shipping at checkout. and i got a sale within the first 20 minutes… GO FIGURE. i feel like when people see my product they get taken back by $37. but not $29.99. and if it comes down to an abandoned cart, i feel like it’s easier to capture that customer through an email either offering a discount or even take a loss and offer free shipping. anyone else have this experience ?

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