How fast do you ship?

Hey everyone

I ship from our warehouse using FedEx ground. I also use a fulfillment on east coast for east coast shipments. My items are large and heavy, so I am doing my best to reduce shipping costs by storing them closer to the customer.

I ship daily, and try to ship every order on the same day. Sometimes, within hours, or even minutes of purchase. (Some of my items are ready to ship, so all I have to do is print a label and slap it on the box).

My customers enjoy receiving their product in 2-4 days from a small company. However sometimes people change their minds. Sometimes an hour, sometimes two days after they purchase it. It already costs a lot to ship these packages. Having them intercepted and returned also costs a lot of time and money. So I was curious how fast you ship? I am trying to find a balance where my customers will still be happy with delivery times, but also a change in order don’t cost me much.

Looking forward to hear your solutions

Thanks in advance and happy new year!

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