Help: Instagram not approving account for Instagram Shopping


So I recently launched a store via Shopify and believe I have abided by all of facebooks rules to get an account approved for Instagram shopping.

However, I have attempted to be reviewed 3 times over and each time Instagram fails to approve me because my “Product is not available on the website linked to [my] account.”

However, I have sold almost $1000 worth of product this week alone via the website that is linked to my Instagram profile. You can click the link and are taken directly to the website where all products advertised are able to be purchased. Hence my conversions.

The website domain has already been verified and linked to my Facebook business manager account as well and has passed all tests thereof.

I have repeatedly asked them to tell help tell me the problem they are running into but they have been zero help.

The first time I appealed their decision, a human got back to me (the one and only live human I’ve encountered this far) and stated they were “manually able to verify the products could be purchased on my domain.” Thus passing the check. Unfortunately for whatever reason they weren’t able to manually approve the account and instead told me to wait a few days and try again to gain approval through the system.

I’ve been trying to figure this out but I have absolutely no idea what the issue is. It’s extremely frustrating as I’ve been trying for weeks now to get the account approved but the Facebook automation just keeps saying no with the same vague answer and no help otherwise.

I would appreciate any insight as to why this could be happening! Thanks!

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