What are the next steps? #TikTok #Traffic #Conversion

Hey guys,

I started a gaming ecom business last year with a gaming mouse as a first product. It isn't the easiert niche, but it's our passion.

The first months were okayish. Then we went on TikTok and gained soo much traffic and we did (for our perspective) a good christmas sale and sales are continuing on a daily base from here without any ad spent at the moment. We tried ad spent but it just didn't work. Either our budget is too high or PPC sucks atm due to Corona/Q4.

Now the focus is of course 100% on TikTok. However, it's super hard for us to judge, if we are doing good or what we should do from here. Because basically, in a lack of other good traffic sources, we became our own influencer.

Since it's not the best traffic for sales, the sales conversion is far from what it should be.

I would really like to find someone I can talk to about how we should develop the business from here marketing wise.

Looking forward to your input.

Best, Chris

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