🧠Looking For Group Or Business Friends:

✔️So I was just thinking, there's a lot of us trying to dropship and I'm guessing most people give up because they feel unmotivated going against every other dropshipper/company so how about we pool our skills & motivation & keep each other going?

✔️About a week ago I got my very first sale after a few months of trying to dropship. Up until that point I didn't really think it was possible to actually get a sale but now I realise it is. I've got a lot of motivation and new things I implemented that got me my first sale.

✔️It's difficult for someone to see their own flaws and judge themselves so maybe having a group or a few people sharing guidance and tips may speed up the day we can finally be rich.

TLDR: Wanna team up? Its free. I understand this subreddit is good for asking questions and stuff but I think it may be more efficient to have less people who are also more serious.

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