Thoughts on preordering fashion items

I am in the process of starting an e-commerce store (lingerie specifically) and using Aliexpress products to test the market and avoid the large capital expense of doing my own designs (I can't sew).

I have ordered samples from Aliexpress and the ones I'm happy I have ordered more. From my experience with the samples, it looks like it is going to be between 2-4 weeks before I get the sizes.


  • I want to get started selling (testing ads) while I'm waiting for my sizes to arrive in the next 2-3 weeks
  • I'm holding very limited stock (1-2 inventory per size/per colour for 4 products = total 128 items) and will need to top up when a purchase is made, meaning there will be some lead time here.

Wondering if anyone had run preorders on fashion items in a similar manner for fashion products that were not custom made and how you made it work.

Also open to ideas on how to tackle this.

Inb4 – I get it I can increase stock, but I rather test small then end up with $1000s in unmovable inventory.

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