Question on running advertisements with branded content (video)?

Hi all,

I apologies first & foremost if this isn't the right place to post. I'm currently running an online store for a shoe accessory product and I've recently been permanently banned from FB for violating community standards.

If any of you have any familiarity with this you'll know they are incredibly unhelpful, and don't give you much to go off for the reason of your ban.

In my promotional content, as it's a shoe accessory, I've been using Nike Air Forces to demonstrate my product. The product I'm selling is specifically designed for Nike Air Forces. Am I infringing on their copyright by including their logo in my video? If I was to blur the logo would that prevent me from infringing? Are their any other options I can go down? Happy to send over the video but don't want to violate this subreddit's rules.

The reason I went down this route originally is because I saw my competitors were posting promotional videos using Nike Air Forces on Instagram, so thought I'd be in the clear. Bit lost here so any help appreciado! Thanks for your time!

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