Advice – Modernising an existing business from eBay

Hello there, I have been working for my family business the last few years which has been operating since the early creation of the internet.

Things have never been done properly, my father is fairly computer illiterate (still, after 20 years online) and nothing is organised in terms of a back end, such as stock-take of inventory, basic accounting such as buy/sell price and profit calculation etc…

Basically he has probably over $1M of products in stock, scattered all over the shed, and he would list them on eBay and thats how he made his money.

The last few years I have been working for the business and began modernising it, however we have grown so big that I think it's time to actually cement in a backbone to the business and get things running properly.

What I am having trouble with mostly, is the organisation & stocktake of the inventory. We have 100s of products, and some have many variations in terms of sizing etc, like for example, we may sell a tool that comes as either;

16mm x 2mm Blade , 16mm x 3mm Blade, 19mm x 2mm Blade, 19mm x 3mm Blade, 26mm x 2mm Blade , 26mm x 3mm Blade etc etc

We currently have a bigcommerce site, and 2 ebay sites. However nothing is linked up, and inventory is a complete nightmare to manage as nothing has actually been counted, and when one thing sells on one platform, it isn't automatically updated on both eBay and the main webpage.

Could someone give me a few hints and pointers.. Imagine you have just jumped into a business that has ALL the stock, ALL the customers & ALL the marketing sorted… you just need to actually organise an already established business, the whole business from top to bottom.

– Whats the best way to organise my inventory, with say 1100 products and some with up to 10-15 variations. Is it worth creating folders for my products in windows, and having all the description + photos + HTML coding in an individual word document or something for example?

– How would I go about implementing a barcode system, or does anyone have any pointers on where to start with adding SKU's – NONE OF OUR PRODUCTS HAVE ANY SKU'S ORGANISED 🙁

– Is there a way to having every platform such as Bigcommerce linked up with ebay?

– Is MYOB worth getting for a company with only the business owner + 2 people on the payroll? Would we be better off using a program like MYOB to do the entire backend of the business, such as inventory, accounting, payroll etc etc…

I'm super excited to modernise the business but because its already so well established I am getting lost on where to actually begin, and I'm hesitant to invest 100s of hours into a method which may not actually be the most viable way of doing it.

Any help much appreciated!

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