Looking for order management and listing management software/service. Suggestions?

My business is broken into two main parts: customized, on-demand items that are produced in-house, and non-customized items that are dropshipped.

For the in-house items, I'm looking for software that will help me manage the production process. Customers upload images with their orders, but then my team does some image manipulation, saving the new file, prepping print files, printing, finishing, packaging, etc. I have different teams that handle different processes. My main site is on BigCommerce, and while they have some limited customization to order statuses, it feels very inadequate. As I've looked around the top contender that I've dabbled with is [Order Desk]( They seem great and really customizable. They have rudimentary product management functionality, but it is not the focus.

I'm also looking for a listing management software as I have hundreds to thousands of items to list across multiple platforms (own site, Etsy, and Amazon for now; hopefully more to come). Top contender so far is [Sellbrite]( There seem to be a ton of offerings in this space, but most seem to be focused on inventory management (not me). While Sellbrite and others typically offer some order management functionality, none that I've seen are nearly as customizable as Order Desk. Most are focused on pick, pack, and ship operations, which I'm not.

Ideally, I'd love to find a solution that melds the ability to customize order production/processing that Order Desk offers, with the listing management features of Sellbrite. The business is complex enough. Having one less tool to help me get things done is always preferred. Do any of you have experience with similar challenges? Have any suggestions I should explore? Thanks!

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