Info/magazine/blog website with ecommerce store attached – Good or bad idea? And what woocommerce theme is best in 2021?

Hi, I have a site which tbh isn't working too well as the theme is old and has some errors. I had almost given up on it but then I made a number of sales recently which made me think about giving my idea another go. But the front page of my site is not the shop – it is a page with links to articles about the subject of the site (a sport/area of fitness), and links to the shop (branded clothing and unbranded sport accessories – dropshipping/print on demand for now) too. One of the articles started bringing in about 10-12 people a day from Google and then around another 5-6 users come through other search terms. I want to give it a good go but realise though I need to improve my theme but I'm not sure what to go for and whether not having the shop as the front page is always going to be a bad idea.

Just after some advice on strategy relating to this question and then what theme I should go for. I want to stick with wordpress. I have articles on there and I rank ok in google on one or two search terms even though traffic isn't so high. I'll obviously want to advertise products on social media.


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