Question on how I would do a specific type of e-commerce/dropshipping.

Basically I've picked the outdoor niche to create a YouTube channel around. Amazon's affiliate program will come in to play in the description and such. However, I'd also like to create my own website (in the process of doing so but am stumped) and have the products I use to do said outdoor activities with listed on my website. I'd like to have the whole 9 from nice product listing to add to cart then the customer could buy from my website but would need to be fulfilled. Probably Amazon FBA but I'm just not sure how to set that up. Read something about Multi-Channel Fulfillment and/or Amazon API. Am I on the right track or am I missing something. An example of a product I'd be listing and selling would be a pflueger president spinning reel combo. I'm not worried about rebranding and white labeling all that. My customers could get the package from Amazon not worried about all that. Just wondering if it's possible to integrate my websites cart to link to a product on Amazon that isn't my own listing on Amazon itself. Therefore being fulfilled. Thanks in advance!!

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