Does anyone know how to price bracelets?

Hello guys. I am 18. I am new to the business world and haven't launched my business yet. It is a jewelry business (specifically bracelets) but i am currently struggling with knowing how i should price them in the future. Every item i have purchased off amazon but each item was close to 10 to 20 bucks, that's because a lot of the items (charms, including the bracelets) came in bulk. I don't think its fair that a bracelet should cost anything more than 8 bucks but these formulas such as (supplies + materials × 2 + wholesale = retail) seem to be pushing the prices a little too high. And for the time it takes to make them and the quality of the bracelets themselves should imo cost no higher than 10 dollars. I'm not sure how i could price them fairly if everyone pushes the motive (price it higher then the material cost) so yeah does anyone know how to price jewlerly/bracelets/ handmade items.???

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