Finding a 3PL/fulfillment service for a low volume (100) store?

My site is still starting out (less than a year old), but it's quickly becoming too much for me to handle fulfillment myself while also sustaining growth. I've looked into about a dozen fulfillment services that I could find online, but most seem to be oriented towards high volume stores with a low number of SKUs that hold a lot of inventory and want 2 day shipping to anywhere in the US. Shiphero was the closest I got, but they will only take my top 20 SKUs by sales volume.

Variety is a huge part of my business, so reducing my product offering is out of the question. Ideally, I'd love to partner with a smaller company in my area that I can physically drive my inventory to and save some freight costs. I don't need 2 day delivery to anywhere in the US, as my customers seem to be okay with my current 3-6 day ship time. My stock would be relatively small, with 5 – 10 of each for lower volume SKUs and maybe 20 – 30 of each for the top 10 products.

Am I just not a lucrative client to 3PL companies, or is there hope? I'm in the greater Los Angeles area for context.

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