What is your favorite Customer Support Software?

Hi all I’m sure this topic has been discussed before but there’s so many new software that comes out each year. I am looking for recommendations for customer support software. Right now, my top option is Zendesk while also comparing helpscout, and freshdesk. I haven’t gone too deep in the research of each one. I’ve considered Gorgias too but it’s a little too pricey at this stage.

A little background, I do fairly high ticket items (AOV $400+) and averaging around 6 – 10 sales per day. So the amount of support tickets isn’t too high and is still managed by myself. But eventually, I’d like something in place in order to transfer over to a VA to run the support side of things.

Current needs is email support management, and if it can incorporate my social media support management, that’s a plus too.

What software do you use and what has been your experience with that software? Any input helps! Thank you

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