What returns address do you use? Mostly at UK based sellers

I realise this is asked a lot but I'm about to launch my online store, and I'm a little worried about returns, particularly the returns address. I have sold online before and used a family members warehouse for returns but this time round this is no longer an option.

I have done some research and there are PO boxes available but most i've looked at just don't seem worth it for someone starting out since they operate on a monthly fee. I found a pay per parcel option, to hold a parcel is £6 which is okay, however they don't accept pick ups so they'll also charge to send it to you meaning i'd pay at least £10 extra per return which seems too much.

I'm not expecting that many returns, my last store rarely received any, but I need a returns address to put on the parcel and just in case.

Did any of you ever use your home address when first starting out? or should I just get some kind of PO box/virtual office space from the start.

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