do any of you utilize programming/statistical analysis in your marketing efforts

Currently, work at a traditional job and based on reading done here/elsewhere feel that marketing heavily drives the success of an eCommerce store even into the multimillion range. Thus, while I'm still early in my career have been looking to transition into more marketing related roles to get tangential experience, training, and get paid while i'm at it.

As I've been looking at some of these roles in digital marketing, growth marketing, performance marketing I've noticed a lot of them look for people with analytics backgrounds (SQL, R, Python) and was wondering how useful this is to stores that are say sub <10M in revenue. My guess is that there is limited applicability for most ecommerce stores given datasets aren't large/diverse enough for them to add significant value over in app analytics but would love to hear opinions and insights from store owners and whether those skills you feel are valuable in the context of ecommerce

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