How niche is too niche?

Hi there, I’m looking to niche literally one base product, with a few supporting products on the side on a new eCommerce shop. Let us say one product, which could be sold 4 ways (single, single with backup power, double or double with back up power), plus, a few accessories to supplement. Max is 6 ‘products’.

Is this too focused or exactly what could be well presented to the market?

I want to hit some profitability before introducing more products, so how would It be recommended I make it clear my shop (website store) while selling brand “A” is a legitimate player in the market, worth the transaction, especially since this is my ONE break in product to have on the books.

Has anyone offered one to two products themselves with success and can offer thoughts on how I lay my website out?

I would imagine cutting down the website to ‘funnel’ sales on this featured product is the way to go. Later, to open up and expand the feel and range of products..

Love some feedback here. Cheers.

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