Starting a Print-on-Demand shop, trying to figure out bookkeeping and taxes

Because it's POD and I'm just starting out on one platform, I have few expenses. No inventory or loans to pay, I don't buy supplies myself, customers pay when they purchase. Teespring is free except they deduct their fee for materials, printing, etc., from the item price, and I get the profit. The only thing is I might pay a tax preparer if it should turn out I need one. I'm looking for something to walk me through keeping records, but don't know what to get as I haven't started business, and no money to spend on software that might not be much use to me. Maybe it's a dumb question but I'm hoping experienced POD sellers can tell me if there are complications I haven't realized, or what I can do to simplify things.

Regarding taxes, if I sell with Teespring, they'll send me a 1099 form when it's tax time and if I make enough ($4-600 I think). Does that mean that they withhold my federal and state taxes, and I just submit the form in April?

Thank you if you can offer any advice.

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