I need to get 1000 orders in 1 Instagram shoutout.

I need to get 1000 orders with only Instagram influencer story (3 or 4 story sequences).


– Cannot exceed $5000.

Details about my business:

– Fresh new website

– No data

– No clients

My product:

– Costs $30 (24.99€ to be exact), so people can impulse buy easily.

– Unique looking, nice story around it, beauty niche.

Why only 1 shoutout?

I believe that the best thing to do is putting as much money as I can into an insanely good influencer rather than having 4 or 5 of them that are good/average.

My plan:

The idea is to put all hopes into a very good influencer with high engagement and a very loyal community and use a enticing scarcity offer to impulse buy (which I believe will work due to the unique side of my product).

Why am I making this post?

I am very confident in the product, but I am not sure how many average story views I should aim for to be on the safe side and be sure of achieving my 1000 orders in a single story shoutout goal (obviously there will be more than 1 story sequence, but you get the point).

My current idea:

I thought about getting an influencer that gets at least 1 million views on their story.

If they get a 2% swipe up rate, that will mean 20 000 visitors on my store, and if I can get 5% conversion rate which is very possible with good influencers, then I will reach my goal of getting 1000 orders.

What do you think?

I think all this is very plausible, but I wanted your opinion on my reasoning and make sure I'm not too delusional lol, let me know.

PS: I think this is a very interesting post for people who want to go into influencer marketing, and I believe that an up vote from your end will not only help me but also people in my situation, thanks for reading.

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