Built up a huge audience, now I need some guidance.

Hey everyone!

So, I built up a large audience through multiple platforms and I’m hoping to get some guidance.

I am honestly hoping to find a business to partner with for resources, funding and more – but if I can do it myself I most definitely will.

I know exactly where I can take this business, but I’m not sure of the steps to take to actually get there.

So my niche is – inspiration/spirituality.

My demographics is as follows: Instagram – 98.7k followers (57% women 43% men)

Pinterest – 23k followers 2.3million monthly viewers (89% women 11% men)

Facebook – 13k followers – this is a brand new page

Tik tok – 64k followers

Texting platform – 4.1k subscriptions

I am currently using print on demand for my merch and I am averaging 4K a month in sales. I understand this isn’t great, but keep in mind I’m limited because of POD.

I’m 25 and this is my first business. I have the exact vision for this business and I know it will compete well with my competitors because I’m hitting something that my competitors aren’t.

Should I reach out to business to see if they will partner with me?

I truly don’t know how I can push this further. I’m gaining a large amount of followers and interactions everyday, so I’m not too worried about getting this right immediately; but the sooner the better.

So where can I go to bring this to the next step?

I am beyond willing to work extremely hard. Right now, I put in about 8-10 hours a day, but I was putting in 15-18 hours to get it started.

Any advice is much appreciated, Thank you.

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