Are you searching for a way to explore remote and untouched areas? Overlanding is essentially a vehicle-based exploration in travel, a fusion of off-roading and camping, and something I have been incredibly interested in. Today I will be walking you through a website that I spent the last six months of 2020 working on,, and I’ll explain the lessons I learned while spearheading this project.

Listen in as I share what kickstarted the idea of this project and the hurdles we had to jump along the way. You will learn how we made several higher-level decisions around the website, how the launch went, and the background story on our branding and logo. If you are interested in outdoor adventuring or you are in the beginning stages of launching a website, this is the episode for you!

You'll learn:

  • What kickstarted the idea of (2:41)
  • Why I decided to spearhead this project. (5:15)
  • How the launch went. (8:46)
  • How our branding came to be. (12:25)
  • The hardest part about working on this project. (18:15)
  • What to be aware of if you are thinking of launching your own brand. (26:49)

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(With your host Andrew Youderian of )

What Was Mentioned

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“A passion for a niche does not make a project easy.”- @youderian
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“It’s hard to sell existing products in 2021.”- @youderian
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“For me, it wasn’t about the money—it was about the experience.”- @youderian
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