Ok…take 2…my revamped site. Please provide critial feedback. Thanks


About a month ago, I submitted a site for review.

The feedback has been revealing.

I've now revamped it, what do you guys think?

Now, for the individual points:

From WVEers89

'Going to be honest, it’s pretty terrible. Way too much going on and it looks like a scam site that I’d get redirected to but not be able to click back. I typed the link in and immediately had to check to make sure I typed it correctly because of how spammy it looked.'

Ok, have simplified it. Should be less spammy (and when I say less, I mean none)

From AIForEcommerce

'Tbh It's pretty bad…too cluttered and clunky that I don't even want to look at it. Your site is pretty much like Yahoo.'

Should be less cluttered and clunky now.

From TakeAChanceToday (I will address these points individually)

'Here’s the downfalls:

*dumbass ads as soon as I’m on the page. Holy sh*t I just came back to the top and realized you’re just f*cking lying. “Breaking news” come on now... 

Have changed (it was a fair point, in truth)

*design looks like Facebook from 2006, not in a good way. 

Design is different. Thanks for the honesty

*social share buttons have no place there. Remove those damned things and maybe, only maybe keep them within the article. 


*the survey is f*cked. This is a large contributor to your site feeling like a scam. 

Have re-positioned.

*not a single one of your images really shows anything related to weight. 

Again, fair point

*your articles are currently just verbal diarrhea and don’t really answer any real questions. I can tell you the SEO intent of those titles have gotta be bad. 

And another one

*wtf is this little headset button popping up on the right? 


*the f*cking cookies pop up. Dude, you have so many god damned things competing for attention it’s insane. 

Should be simplified

*article text is four words wide on mobile. 

Mobile settings improved. I've even checked it on mine, although you have to make your mobile landscape to get a user friendly appearance

*no branding whatsoever. 

Included a little bit of branding. No tagline, at the moment I believe that would be inappropriate (and if you do come across a tagline, let me know, I will remove it)

*some of your “articles” are like 2 sentences? oh holy sh*t you aren’t even writing articles you are literally coping and pasting some bullsh*t. 

The original idea was a directory website. Have changed tactics.

*no option to deny cookies. 

Done. Are using a new plugin

*you’re selling/giving away a wave CD LOL! It’s 2020 Julian and you’re a health blog. 


*terms of use is in the damn navbar 

Not any more, at the bottom of the page.

*write for us in navbar. Dude no one should be caught dead associated with this. 

Couldn't agree with you more. Have deleted.

Hopefully this will be a better attempt.

Many, many thanks in advance.

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