Optimizing Online Experiences to Address Accelerating Change: Lessons Learned from Motorola …

There’s a lot that can be said about COVID-19 and how it’s upended our lives, especially for those of us accustomed to regular business travel. However, without it, we likely wouldn’t have gotten the CX Virtual Summit, which brought us hours of educational content on the importance of leveraging data to maximize every customer interaction, and what role new technologies can play in supporting that effort.

What made this latest summit on Responsive Selling in the Experience Economy so unique is that it opened with Larry Ellison’s predictions on what the future of CX holds. Following this headliner performance, was a Women in Leadership Panel featuring two Oracle CX customers, Susan Fisher, Senior Manager of Global CRM & CPQ Platform Development at Hyster-Yale Group,  and Susan Andreeff, Senior Manager and Agile Product Manager of Digital Commerce at Motorola Solutions, Inc. Both are reimagining how customers engage and purchase in complex B2B environments. 

As Hyster-Yale and Motorola Solutions continue on their path of transforming the digital customer journey, they learned a few lessons, particularly during this time of business upheaval caused by COVID. While these lessons are relevant in today’s current climate, they really should be applied to the way we work every day, pandemic or not.

Think about the customer, not just the technology

As the impact of COVID-19 took hold, Hyster-Yale, a global manufacturer of fork-lift trucks with over 900 made-to-order models, experienced a shift in customers, both in who was buying, and what they were buying. This shift pushed digital plans to the forefront. Luckily, Hyster-Yale already had a configuration and quoting solution in place and was in the process of connecting it to a digital storefront for customers. Hyster-Yale sales reps too have turned to digital selling solutions as an alternative to their traditional face-to-face selling methods, and these tools are now working shoulder-to-shoulder with the reps, selling right alongside them. 

Plan ahead, even if you don’t know what the future holds

Putting the right solutions in place ahead of time will help prepare you for the unknown. In the case of Motorola Solutions, a leader in mission critical communications and services, this meant having a flexible digital solution. Oracle Commerce, in combination with Oracle Configure, Price, Quote, allowed them to pivot and react quickly as they witnessed rapidly changing market conditions. With their integrated solution, Motorola Solutions was able to shift business priorities and open a completely new route to market for business radios in just six weeks!

Disruption happens, embrace it

As COVID has shown, disruption happens, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Instead, embrace it and reevaluate your plans to prioritize the digital imperative today. But, don’t proceed with these new plans too hastily. Market leaders will be those who minimize interruptions to the day-to-day business while achieving their digital transformation objectives.  

Susan Fisher and Susan Andreeff serve as great examples of what it means to be proponents of change. We will continue to monitor progress in their digital transformation journeys, and I expect to see more from them in the future. 

That’s a wrap on the Women in Leadership Panel. Be sure to catch VP of Product Strategy Katrina Gosek and VP of Product Management Ian Davis’s session on Buying Signals and the Future of Sales and Commerce followed by a session with Director of Product Strategy Jeri Kelley and Senior Product Marketing Manager Shad Stalians where you will learn to Visualize Your Path to Digital Commerce Excellence

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