E-commerce idea Aloe Vera

Hello guys, I was wandering if anyone here has done this kind of thing:

A company I know is selling 99% aloe Vera extract. The guys only speak Spanish and this is they main barrier to export they product through Europe. Another main point is that they produce in Europe which is basically an extra point into the "Local and ethical" way of production. They used to have an old packing from the 90s but they don't seem to care.

I can get they product change packaging and translate everything in French and English but I don't see how I can sell this as wholesaler without having the impression of being seing as an fraudulent person since I am not the one extracting. They have patents but they are willing to sell me in bulk.

Now my questions is: Do you guys think that creating an wordpress page and decent packaging this product can be sell through Europe knowing that the main competitors used to import it from South America ?

Btw I have studied international Business

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