Does anybody use Veeqo?

Hi all, we are moving (or looking) to move onto Veeqo to support our Wooconmerce, Amazon and EBay selling channels.

The inventory management seems great but where I think it falls down is the communication of shipping and managing of orders (cancellations, refunds).

For Woocommerce it’s not possible for Veeqo to trigger the hook for Woo to send a customer the shipping notification and they recommend using Veeqo to send this (which is possible). I notice that they also encourage you to use this same notification for EBay and Amazon shipping notifications but I’m fairly confident that doing so is against their terms and conditions? Does anybody have any experience with doing this?

It also seems like refunds and cancellations are best done in the separate channels and then adjusting stock in Veeqo manually since it can’t manage refunds too well and again it doesn’t trigger the hooks in Woo to send the customer a cancellation email.

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